In 2014, the Arpeg Group of Companies and its founding Mathisen business family undertook to formalize their rich history of philanthropic endeavours. The Mathisen Family Private Foundation was officially granted non-profit status as a registered charity in order to continue a long tradition of A.K. and B.M. Mathisen’s support for the communities which we call home. By inspiring family-led giving, the Mathisen Family Private Foundation is a proud extension of our four-generation Vancouver, B.C. family and the values which have steered our business and family for over 60 years.

The following guiding principles are the embodiment of our philanthropic focus:

  • To support the advancement, treatment, and/or education of Health Care and Research
  • To support the appreciation, participation, and/or understanding of Arts and Culture
  • To support the advancement of Education
  • To support the advancement and/or participation of Sport

Our MFPF donation committee meets three times a year – April, July, and November. Proposals are to be submitted within 15 days of each meeting to allow our multi-generational committee an opportunity to engage with each organization in an effort to better understand how the request aligns with our stated values. Our goal is to communicate decisions within a week of our committee meetings and if possible, work with organizations around more than just monetary support. Opportunities to partner with unique causes and event-based activities are welcome.

Here are some examples of the great community partners of the Mathisen Family Private Foundation:

To make a donation request please fill out the Donation Request Form and email it to us at [email protected].