The Arpeg Group of Companies is a proud third-generation family company operating out of Vancouver, BC since 1956. “Ar-peg” is the juxtaposition of the first names of Dr. A.K. Mathisen, our beloved patriarch, and his equally beloved partner and matriarch of our family B.M. Mathisen.

Together their entire lives, our founding generation taught us about the value of hard work, humility, and a steadfast commitment to conservative growth. Our exemplary track record of stability and strong landlord-tenant relationships has been consistently demonstrated in our decades of experience as property owners and operators. Arpeg stands out as a model landlord partner to tenants across all asset classes, with a particular focus on: multi-family, office and commercial, retail, and residential sectors. From our early roots in Agriculture to our current diverse holdings, the Arpeg Group continues to evolve with interests in private equity placements and JV partnerships that align with our strengths – none the least of which is a proven focus on long term success.

Current holdings include over 750 units throughout the Pacific Northwest. Growth plans focus on being able to deliver steady returns using the same prudent discipline that has held us in good stead for over 6 decades and three generations of family business owners. What matters to our partners is that Arpeg has always been committed to running each of our properties and ventures like an extension of our own family – a family that celebrates mutual successes and the uniqueness in all of us!