Ritz 2

What a quick and pleasant response. I feel much more at ease… and when I do move, it will be with a sad heart, for I love living here. Its perfect for me…

Beverley 11

I wanted to write in and show appreciation to the team managing The Beverley on Agnes street specifically Christian and Olga – the building for the majority of the time looks very well taking care off (with the amount of people that live here, this is definitely not an easy think to do). I joked with View Full →

Sullivan 2

Recommended I contact you because she has had an amazing experience renting with the ARPEG group and mentioned you have many properties.

Beverley 10

It was such a pleasant experience to live in a building with great maintenance and the best management team.


Thank you for everything Sarah, I hope I can call on Arpeg when I return t B.C., I thought the building was very well run and I was happy during my stay.

Sullivan 1

We’ve been talking up how great it was to work with you and your team. Thank you for making this process so smooth.

Mariner 3

Thanks again for all of your help and support during this time. I truly appreciate you guys!

White Sands 2

Hey guys just wanted to say thank you for being such nice people. You really worked with me when I needed it. I appreciate everything thing you did to help me. I wish you guys all the best in future endeavors!

Beverley 9

You all have been wonderful – I will miss this apartment and BC!

Beverley 8

Thank you so much for opening up the wellness centre again. I do not feel safe using outside gyms, so it’s so great to have a private one for our building! You all have been doing a great job, and I’ve really enjoyed living here since moving in!